10 Reasons why you need your own Website - Codelavi Online Marketing

“Selling through social media is nice. Just as nice as renting your own apartment, but not as incredible as building and buying your own personal house. Well your own website is your own house, no one will take it from you and you can do as you please. So why else is it important for a business to have it?” Karla Rocha. Codelavi Founder

Fact # 1
Control Freak proved.

You have full control over it and you can manage it. Add as many menu tabs as you might need, add pages, pictures, feeds or even text. Your imagination is your limit!

Fact # 2
Co-dependence issues proved.

Don´t depend on the platform. Ohh Trends, people move from one to another and you have to take care that you are still in the platform of your target market. Your business has no control over anything, but what you are limited to. A feature that is very important to you, can be suddenly shut down or any other change in the platform policy might affect you.

Fact # 3
So much noise…You need to impress!

 Social Proof and credibility. Ok, we get a lot of that on social media… A website is the new business card and beyond that, where people first step into you online (yes even if you have several landing pages, the core is here). Your image no strings attached to any platform and where you show where your creativity, as well as your expert status, is.

Fact # 4
21ST Century: make it quick, modern and responsive.

Nowadays it is a must, not only because everyone is using smartphones, but because it really shows in which stage of the game are you. A fresh and modern website, where your clients can find quick all the information about you and your products. Do not even get me started with the need to have an online shop.

Fact # 5
Look beyond, long term planning.

You stop being short-term oriented. Imagine certain platform changes, stops being used or simply disappears. Your identity is stuck with it so you might need to migrate and start all over again, yes on another platform.

Fact # 6
Safety first!

For the above reason, a website is a safety net. You might have the need to update it and change stuff, but it does not take your presence down, as the domain is only yours.

Fact # 7
Open book: it is a branding delight

A website fulfills all the information requirements a customer might need. Since it is an “open digital book” it leaves a clear impression on your customers.

Fact # 8
Ecosystem building

It builds and thrives your own ecosystem. So the Internet can be seen as a community of individuals and bots, interacting digitally with one another. It is a new form of communication. While one individual or business can be in many ecosystems at the same time. So are your customers in many digital ecosystems. Some might be in search engines looking for the best Greek Restaurants in Vienna, while others might be looking at greek dishes on Instagram. The advantage is that from one place they might jump to another. Buying online or even in this case reserving a table through a phone call takes several stages in the decision making, which are used in the marketing funnel: Awareness, engagement and the moment the user becomes a customer. Meaning the website might be the homeland which sends to other social media platforms and the other way around.

Fact # 9
What gets measured, gets improved!

 Digital analytics. People buy in stages mentioned in the marketing funnel: awareness, engagement, and conversion. In the offline world this is complicated to measure, but in the online world, we can measure different aspects of the funnel using digital analytics. Like what online behavior led to purchases and use that data to make informed decisions about how to reach new and existing customers. It all depends on your goal and to see what is more effective to achieve it. Different kind of business can benefit from digital analytics.


Fact # 10
Different goals for your final goal

Some experts say conversion rates in search engine ads like Google vs Social media ads are a lot higher. Social media is great for awareness, while Google ads are great for purchase intent. The reason is simple, people have an intention behind searching and finding you in Google and in the social media ad, only some interest might match. The best is to do both to create a healthy ecosystem we talked about in number 8.

Your call: Why you need to have a new or better website.

So social media is also excellent and is part of the digital strategy, just remember is not the only one. As there are others to the website, but the website is the homeland to all the magic.

In Codelavi we bring a completely personalized, one to one and full experience, so you only get it until you absolutely love it. The website of your dreams is waiting for you!